i simultaneously love the internet/want to destroy every bit of it.


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it’s time

to up the game.

to get the love we think we deserve. make it more than zero…

…way too much clarity over here.

to be supported. i can’t do all of this work alone. i’m giving it til january. i am not an island.

wait, i am a beautiful, tropical island. :) :)

18 hour work day. breaking records. breaking period.

Down the Rabbit Hole - YouTube

goodbye dina.


Just the two of us

Photographer Klaus Pichler takes pictures of Australian Cosplayers in their homes against the backdrop of their everyday lives. He says that the unknown identities and mundane activities give this project a very mysterious vibe.

You can view more of his amazing projects HERE

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This new FB group has single-handedly kept me from losing it

#feelings. we eat them.

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I’m either plateauing or transcending. It’s a fine line.

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